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  • Nordic space
  • Nordic me
  • Wild wood
  • Nordic Essence
  • Nordic Kicks

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  • William Bounds HM Pro Copper Salt & pepparkvarar
  • Ironwood Gourmet Serveringsbräda med läderhandtag

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PK360 Kolgrill & smoker

Local Palate augusti – 2017

Paul James & PK Classic

” Sitting on his patio with a cold beer in hand, admiring the capsule’s perfectly simple design, an intriguing proposition emerged—could he bring it back?
I senaste numret av Local Palate skriver Paula Disbrow om PK’s fantastiska historia där Paul James startar upp produktionen igen av PK på 90-talet för att sedan vidareutveckla grillen tillsammans med tre nya entusiastiska delägare som kliver in i företaget 2014.

Rekindling the flame

Läs hela artikeln här

Bild från artikeln där Scott en av delägarna grillar på PK360 tillsammans med Paula (artikelförfattaren).
Foto credit: Sara Reeves.

Pallarès kolstålskniv

Elle Decoration nr 6- 2017

PK Classic kolgrill & smoker

Hus & Hem nr 7-2017

PK Classic i Mens Journal augusti 2017

”-Simply put, the PK Grill & Smoker is worth every penny”

The cast aluminum body is durable, and with two wheels and its compact size, it’s also portable. The PK can go along to cook sausages if you’re tailgating, but the real magic is that you can bring along a pork shoulder or some brisket and smoke it while you and your buddies drink beer in the middle of the woods. The grill’s build, low and deep, means it gets hotter faster, there’s really no fuss, and it’s easy to clean. And the sleek design of the American-made PK is really all you could ever ask for in a grill, and for a lot less than you’d pay for most newer models. It’s proof that the classics never really go out of style.

Jason Diamond

The Mens Journal

William Bounds pepparkvarn, Outset grillspett, Pallarès kolstålskniv, Ironwood Gourmet serveringsbräda

Elle Mat & Vins Grillnummer 2017

PK Classic kolgrill & smoker

Elle Mat & Vins Grillnummer 2017

Pallarès stekbleck, Fox Run kryddströare

Sköna Hem nr 7 – 2017

PK360 Kolgrill & smoker

Drömhem & Trädgård nr 6 – 2017
Ebba Svanholm listar sina 5 favoriter i maj

PK360 Kolgrill & smoker

”Grill med Star Wars-look, som en liten robotkompis i trädgården”

Ebba Svanholm

Redaktionschef, Tidningen Drömhem & Trädgård

PK360 Kolgrill & smoker

Drömhem & Trädgård nr 6 – 2017

Outset Quesadilla-halster

Matmagasinet – Grillspecial – 2017

PK Classic Kolgrill & smoker

Hus & Hem nr 5-2017  

PK Classic

”Tänk om jag fick byta fula monstergrillen mot retrogodingen PK Classic i aluminium…”

Ann Dahl

Chefredaktör, Tidningen Hus & Hem

PK360 Kolgrill & smoker & Outset flexibla grillspett

Expressen Leva & Bo, 22 apr-2017

Outset ostronpanna och rökbox i gjutjärn

Expressen Leva & Bo, 22 apr – 2017

Outset Quesadilla-halster

Allers, nr 18 – 2017

Pallarès stekbleck

Gourmet nr 2 -2017

Pallarès kökskniv Ebony

Elle Decoration nr 3 – 2017

William Bounds HM Pro Copper salt- & pepparkvarn

Drömhem & Trädgård nr 2 – 2017

PK360 Kolgrill & smoker

Outside Buyers Guide 2017

PK360 Kolgrill & smoker

”Our favorite of this year’s bunch is the Portable Kitchen 360 (above; $870), PK’s first new grill in nearly four decades. (The smaller original is a cult favorite.) Made from cast aluminum, this charcoal model has a four-vent system, allowing for precise temperature control, and two and a half square feet of grill space—enough to fit a couple of racks of ribs, six burgers, and a full chicken. Of the models we tested, the 360 held the most consistent heat and retained it for hours. Once we hit that ideal low-and- slow mark of 225 degrees, we just closed the lid, set a timer, and cracked a beer.”

Outside Buyers Guide 2017

Ironwood Gourmet Paddle Board

Hem Ljuva Hem nr 2 – 2017

PK360 Kolgrill & smoker

”The Portable Kitchen PK360 Grill and Smoker takes all the great elements of the classic 1952 PK Grill, tweaks and improves the design, beefs up construction and delivers one of the more cosmetically beautiful charcoal grills we’ve seen. With 360 square inches primary cook surface the grill box is larger than the 300 square inch Classic model, but retains PK’s characteristic flat bottom and rectangular shape with the unique configuration of bottom left and right adjustable air intake dampers and corresponding top left and right exhaust dampers, a set up that has always made Portable Kitchen King of the 2-Zones. We strongly believe 2-zone cooking is a key technique for outdoor grilling.”

Max Good

Amazing Ribs

PK Classic Kolgrill & smoker

”Best Buy” I Consumers Digest BBQ Grills Guide 2017 för kolgrillar och smokers.

PK Classic

… ”the PK Grill & Smoker delivers the best airflow control, heat retention and temperature control of any full-size charcoal grill that we evaluated.” 

The PK Classic was recognized by the editors as having ”exceptional value in today’s highly competitive marketplace.”

Consumers Digest

Pallarès kökskniv i kolstål

Allt om mat nr 1 – 2017

Ironwood Gourmet serveringsbräda med läderhandtag

Mama nr 1 – 2017

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